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Brouilly Saburin Nord - Guillaume Duvernay

Our Vineyard

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Coming from a family of winegrowers since 1855, Guillaume Duvernay now cultivates nearly 14 hectares of vines on the slopes of Beaujolais between three different localities: Brouilly Saburin, Côte de Brouilly Chardignon and Beaujolais-Villages La Sorbière.

In love with its terroir and its environment, it is on these soils of the Brouilly, Côte de Brouilly and Beaujolais Villages crus that Guillaume and his team produce with passion and respect for the biodiversity of great Beaujolais wines for our pleasure.

Weekend Market

Located northwest of Mont Brouilly, the place called Brouilly "Saburin" hosts the majority of our vines with nearly 12 hectares of Gamay. Granite and loamy-sandy soil par excellence, it gives our wines a perfect balance for our Brouilly and our Brouilly Saburin "Romy".

Brouilly Saburin
Champs de vignes

A few kilometers further and yet so different... Geographically positioned on the North-East slope of Mont Brouilly, our hectare of vines lends itself to the creation of our Côte de Brouilly "Chardignon". Its exposure, its schistous soil composed of the famous blue stones of Brouilly and its altitude guarantee powerful and perfectly balanced Côte de Brouilly wines.

Côte de Brouilly Chardignon
Vignoble en automne

It is the most northerly parcel of vines in the Domaine, but also the closest to the vat room. Located in the commune of Quincié en Beaujolais, a few hectometres from the Guillaume Duvernay estate, this plot with slightly stony soil in the foothills allows us to produce our rosé Beaujolais-Villages and very soon our white Beaujolais thanks to the planting of Chardonnay vines in 2021.

Beaujolais-Villages La Sorbière


Saburin Nord - Vigne du Beaujolais
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Brouilly Saburin _Romy_ - Guillaume Duvernay.png


Lieu-dit Chardignon - Vignes du Beaujolais
Côte de Brouilly _Chardignon_ - Guillaume Duvernay.png


Beaujolais-Villages Rosé - Guillaume Duvernay
Beaujolais villages Rosé - Guillaume Duvernay.png


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