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Brouilly "Saburin"


Saburin, coming from the Latin " Sabulum " which means " Sand " in French, thus referring to its loamy-sandy soil, has been faithful to its reputation for centuries. On the surface of 71 hectares, the Domaine Guillaume Duvernay exploits 12 hectares of vines, 100% Gamay grape variety and located more precisely on Saburin Nord.

 Located to the north-west of Mont Brouilly, it nevertheless has perfect exposure between north-east, east and south facing sides, which gives the Brouilly Saburins typical Beaujolais aromas between candied fruit and black truffle.

Sigle GDFichier 10_edited.png
Vignoble de Guillaume Duvernay : Brouilly Saburin


Cépage du Beaujolais : Gamay noir à jus blanc

grape variety

100% Gamay noir with white juice


Brouilly lieu-dit Saburin

​ Age of the vine

50 years

Géologie de Brouilly Saburin


Granite Earth

Limonio-Sandy texture

Vignoble Brouilly Saburin

Plot exposure

North-East / East / South

Our wines from Brouilly Saburin plots


Floral "Madonna"

Dégustation de Brouilly


Floral "Madonna"

Dégustation de Brouilly Saburin
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